Missing Martial Arts Rules
Friday, 10 October 2014
The core rulebook is missing the formula for unarmed martial arts damage. Unarmed damage uses the following formula: Character's Strength divided by two. No Strength bonus is taken in to account and fractions are rounded up to the nearest whole number. Unarmed Martial Arts attacks cause Stamina damage.

The character can use any part of his body as a weapon when using Martial Arts. Despite this being a purely narrative aspect, some Combat Moves may require the character to use her fists or legs to punch or kick the opponent due to the nature of the Combat Move. Combat Moves cannot be used if these requirements are not met because of crippling injuries, missing extremities or other effects on character.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we are looking for a way to fix this.
DriveThruRPG Release
Wednesday, 26 February 2014
We are happy to announce that the Mundus RPG Core Book has been released in DriveThruRPG! It costs 20$ (~15€). It can be bought from here.

Send us feedback and share your stories and opinions on our Facebook page or send us mail.

Mundus RPG Team
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
We are happy to announce the official release of Mundus RPG!

The Mundus RPG Core Book can be purchased from here for 15 € (~20$).

The Core Book will also be released in DriveThruRPG in the near future. Additionally we have released the character sheet here.

Send us feedback and share your stories and opinions on our Facebook page or send us mail.

We’d like to thank everyone involved and all of those who supported us during the last two and half years!

Mundus RPG Team

Notice regarding the store. Since we have to send them manually, the PDF will be delivered into your email-account within a few days. Thank you for your patience.
Welcome to mundus-rpg.com!
Sunday, 29 September 2013
Welcome to mundus-rpg.com! If you don't know what Mundus RPG is, you can find out from our Mundus RPG about page. If you are already familiar with Mundus RPG we have some news for you!

We will use this site as a Mundus RPG hub, linking all the existing Mundus RPG content to one location. You can find links to all of our communities from the links section and all of our downloadable content is available from the Download section.

Mundus RPG as a project is steadily progressing forwards and the official rulebook coming along nicely, but there is still work left to do. In the meantime, Mundus RPG Quickstart is the best way to get introduce to our game.

We'll post frequently to our blog and all major updates will be posted here.
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